Best Games Like Among Us You Can Play

After the great success of the game Fall Guys, Among Us has become one of the most favorite games of gamers. It has overtaken Fall Guys and become one of the most streamed games in the third quarter of 2020. According to the information, Among Us reached the number one spot among the top downloaded games on both Play Store and App Store. So, if you enjoyed playing Among Us and looking for more such games, then we have come up with some of the best games like Among Us that you can play.

Here are some of the best games like Among Us.


Deceit is a great game that has somewhat different gameplay as compared to Among Us, but it has a similar theme – trust and deception. It is identical to the Among Us’ social deduction approach. In Deceit, you have to find innocent players, build trust, and survive. It is a multiplayer game. It is a fast and action-packed FPS game. In this game, you need to be more careful because you can be betrayed at any point in time during the gameplay. There are a total of six players in a team.

Project Winter

Project Winter is another excellent game based on trust, betrayal, and survival, just like Among Us. In this game, you have to gather resources, repair structures, and complete a series of tasks, unlike Among Us, where crewmates were there to complete specific tasks. In the game, Among Us, you can communicate only via text chat option, whereas in Project Winter, you can communicate via voice chat. In addition to this, Project Winter is an 8-person multiplayer game and a reliable alternative to Among Us.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem is one of the best alternative games to Among Us, which is available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It has a massive fan-base of over 8 million players. It is also one of the oldest games with a social deduction strategy. Among Us allows the users to play with 4 to 10 players in a multiplayer game, whereas, Town of Salem allows the users to play with 15 players which makes the game more exciting and interesting. Unlike Among Us, the Town of Salem will enable you to pick your desired role from 33 different characters. One of the most interesting parts of this game is that here you can be a Town member, Mafia, Serial Killer, or Neutral. This game is also based on trust and betrayal, just like Among Us.

Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is another great game that can be considered somewhat similar to Among Us, but it is not purely a survivor game. This game lets you gather some resources and defend your village from evil forces. However, this game is also somewhere based on trust and betrayal, that is why it is considered a similar game to Among Us. In this game, you have liars in your village who are trying to destroy your team and the village. Werewolf Online allows you to play with 16 players in a multiplayer game, which is one of its best features. This game is available for both Android and iOS.

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is another fantastic game that is similar to Among Us and is available on the Xbox console. This game has been designed specially, and its developers have not brought this game to other gaming consoles so far because of its uniqueness. If you want to play a game similar to Among Us on Xbox, then Secret Neighbor is the perfect game for you. In this game, six characters sneak into the Neighbor’s home to find one of the six players who is the Neighbor in disguise. It is another solid alternative to Among Us and is considered as one of the remarkable games so far.

After discussing some of the best games that are like Among Us, we have concluded that there are only a few games that have been developed on the social deduction theme. We hope we will see more survivor-types games soon.

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