LinkedIn Gets a New Look With Lots of Amazing Features

LinkedIn is all set to change its platform’s look and feel and add lots of new and amazing features on its platform. The redesign will not only make LinkedIn more amazing but will also provide its users with an improved search experience. What does that mean? It means it will be easier to find people, events, groups, and other content on LinkedIn. Besides this, LinkedIn will introduce a dark mode on the platform soon. All the new features are believed to make the platform more engaging and provide a fantastic user experience to its users.

Earlier, LinkedIn introduced a new feature on the platform “Open to Work,” which is being used by almost 2.5 million LinkedIn users right now. It is a photo frame that users can use to let recruiters know that they are actively looking for new job opportunities, and now LinkedIn is all set to introduce lots of other new features on its platform. Here’s everything that we know so far.

New Messaging Features

With the redesign, LinkedIn will also release lots of other messaging features for LinkedIn users. For example, LinkedIn will now allow its users to update or delete the message that they have sent to other users on LinkedIn. To use this feature on mobile, double tap on the message you want to edit or delete. Now choose the option that meets your needs from the menu. However, if you are a desktop user, then hover over the message that you want to delete or update and select the option that meets your needs from the pop-up menu.

Besides this, LinkedIn users will now be able to react to messages with emoji, send bulk messages more quickly and archive, delete, read, and unread multiple conversations simultaneously using the new “Manage conversations” option on LinkedIn. However, if you are a desktop user, then hover over a message, and you will see an option to select and manage multiple messages at the same time.

LinkedIn users will also be able to add new people to their ongoing conversation. To do this, all they have to do is use the “new group chat” feature and add the users that they want to add in the ongoing conversation. This will start a new LinkedIn conversation and will include all the added users. Besides this, they can also report or dismiss messages or mark a message safe.

Video Calls and LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is also introducing video calls and LinkedIn stories on their platform. To start a video call, tap on the video icon, which is near the message box, and you will be able to do a video call with your chosen LinkedIn user.

LinkedIn Stories are very similar to Facebook and Instagram stories, which means users can also add a sticker, text, hashtag in their stories. The LinkedIn stories are currently available for the people in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, UAE, and the Netherlands, and LinkedIn will release it widely for all the LinkedIn users very soon.

Our View

It is a great move by LinkedIn to add these fantastic features on their platforms, and we believe LinkedIn users will surely love these new features. So, do try out these new features of LinkedIn to get the most out of it.

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