Microsoft: Ways to Empower Organizations and Individuals in Their Work

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is experiencing digital transformation at epic speed and bringing out new trends in the ways we work and live that will persist well past the pandemic. When suddenly everyone around the world was forced to stay indoors and work remotely, IT pros led the way and brought entire organizations online. The individuals and teams have been trained on essential new tools to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. Now, as business leaders are looking to bring about flexibility in their organizations, they are looking up to IT pros for sustainable solutions to support the company for a longer period.

Today, Microsoft is thriving to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more by providing its customers with a broader view. The company is working closely with customers and researchers across every field to understand the challenging new reality to direct their innovation investments to build tools to support the new world of work. On this note, we have some keys to success for every IT and business leader to empower people for the new business reality.

Reimagine Teamwork, Culture, and Social Capital–Digitally.

With the dynamically changing work environment, there is a need to reimagine meetings and workspaces to unlock new forms of collaboration, help teams and individuals stay engaged, and ensure smooth communication across organizations. Microsoft Teams has worked out various new features to scale up your meeting, calling, and large-scale event needs.

Together Mode Scenes: This feature has been recently announced by Microsoft. This tool includes auditoriums, conference rooms, and a coffee shop, all available later this year. The host of the meeting will be allowed to select a scene from the gallery to give a more realistic visual experience.

Breakout Rooms: With this feature, meeting organizers can split up participants into smaller groups to facilitate brainstorming sessions.

Recap: This feature will record meetings, transcripts, chat, shared files, and create a file in Teams. This will be highly beneficial for the ones who were unable to attend the meeting. 

Microsoft is also working to provide ways to engage with in-room devices without touch. Reportedly, Microsoft Teams Rooms devices will support the Room remote app, Teams casting, and voice assistance with Microsoft Cortana. These will be the workspace devices for the future.

Prioritize Wellbeing to Help People Focus and Be Their Best.

In a global study, over 30% of first-line and information workers said that they experienced a huge amount of burnout at work during the pandemic. The lack of separation between work and personal life negatively impacts the wellbeing of employees. This made Microsoft come out with wellbeing experiences in Teams. This new feature will help you structure your day by scheduling a virtual commute to help start a productive morning and mindfully disconnect in the evening.

Create a Trusted, Secure, Modern Experience for Every Employee.

With the new work models and flexibility in working hours, it is necessary to provide a secure experience to every employee. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft is introducing the Endpoint Manager. It is the command center tool allowing IT pros to help individuals and teams to carry out hybrid work remotely. This will help improve end-user experiences and simplified IT practices. To ensure security, compliance, and identity of users, Microsoft Defender is now inclusive of Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender. This will help to prevent, detect, and respond to threats across identities, endpoints, email, applications, infrastructure, and cloud platforms.

Unlock the Data, Knowledge, and Expertise of the Entire Organization

Microsoft Stream recently shared a new vision with the intelligent video app in Microsoft 365. Microsoft is redesigning Stream to integrate with applications, so you can create, share, and discover videos easily. You can create a future-proof video experience in Microsoft 365 with SharePoint and Graph File APIs. Microsoft is also introducing Microsoft Graph connectors in Microsoft Search, to include a new connector from Microsoft for Salesforce. This will let you search across Microsoft 365 and also, dozens of external services as well.

Help People Learn, Reinvent, and Grow With the Pace of Change.

To gain success in the new world of work, individuals, teams, and organizations must learn new digital skills, and find new ways to grow every day. And Microsoft is looking forward to helping its customers provide every employee with the required resources to facilitate learning.

Microsoft is doing everything it can with its initiative to help 25 million people across the globe acquire the digital skills needed to grow in a COVID-19 economy. The company has a lineup of new features to be installed in Microsoft 365 and Teams in the coming months. Besides the new features, Microsoft will be coming out with other learning opportunities designed for employees across your organization. That’s the true Microsoft spirit!

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