The Yearly Halloween Event Festival of the Lost Returns to Destiny 2

The yearly Halloween event in Destiny 2 has returned once again. Yes, Festival of the Lost is finally here, and the players almost have a month to enjoy before Beyond the Light expansion is released this November. This means you can dress up and trick or treat in the game. You can earn candies by doing specific activities, from other characters, and even by wearing masks that will increase the bounty. However, some changes have been introduced that will allow you to earn new rewards as well as the latest version of the old rewards. 

The players will again return to a scarier version of the Infinite Forest. Also known as the Haunted Forest, the players will aim to get as far as they can in 15 minutes. You can even kill enemies to increase the timer as one makes his way through the Haunted Forest. Completing the Festival and going into the forest will earn you Chocolate Strange Coins, which can then be used on special Festival rewards. 

The game has also added another caveat to it; at the start of the Festival, you will be sent to the spider on the Tangled Shore by Eva. There you will get to know about a new item called Cipher Decoder, which can be collected by Gambit matches, Strikes, and Crucible matches while wearing a mask. You will then be required to take them to the Haunted Forest to open caches scattered everywhere. These caches are crucial, and they show up at the end of the Haunted Forest; it seems that they depend on how far one can get. With more caches, one can open more chests, but unless you have a few Cipher Decoders already, you shouldn’t be giving too much time to Haunted runs. This insight is crucial since one ends up earning fewer rewards without the Decoders. 

One can also get several cosmetic rewards in the Halloween event. There are some cool monster-themed gear that is available at the Eververse Store. One can even win new items through gameplay like ship, Ghost Shell, and a bandage wrapped sparrow. Just like last year, the Festival will have its very own tasks to complete during the month-long event. To get an edge in the Haunted Forest, several Festival-specific mods like Vampiric Touch provide Heal regeneration. But the thing to remember is that one can win those mods only during the Festival, and one must equip them as early as possible for the best results.   

The Lost Festival is open to everyone, and even players with a free-to-play Light version of Destiny 2 can participate in it. One also needs at least 770 Power to access the Haunted Forest, which is not much considering one can earn them with just a little bit of grind. The Festival will run till November 3rd, so don’t waste any time and participate to win as many rewards as you can. 

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